Food Processing and Delivery

Tyre application: City roads


Our client is a GCC leader in delivering boxed food products. Boxed containers are transported from manufacturing units to supermarkets in different Emirates. Some vehicles deliver to supermarkets in the same Emirate but the fleet must also run long distances on highways to other Emirates.

Industry Demands

Maximising tyre life and efficiency is essential to profitability in this sector. A low cost per kilometre must be achieved while ensuring timely delivery and no vehicle downtime.


The client was using premium European and Japanese brands and wanted to maximise tyre output while reducing costs. Tyre life was reduced by frequent city braking and turning. Furthermore, a lack of fitment services meant vehicles were frequently left stranded outside Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company’s drivers and executives had a negative perception of Chinese origin tyres. They were not initially interested in trying the tyres due to safety concerns.


The Longmarch technical team recommended LM105 for all tyres in the fleet. This is an All-Steel tyre designed for Middle Eastern roads, with 14 ply that is suitable for any load. Its stronger carcass supports frequent braking without sidewall damage. These tyres could be fitted by Longmarch’s dedicated mobile fitment service and the client realised allied benefits such as wheel alignment and balancing. The Longmarch team provided product training to build trust with drivers. They also trained the client in tyre rotation and how to improve tyre life. Driver workshops were conducted and a tyre pressure monitoring system was implemented.


The client reported that Longmarch tyres achieved a par or better mileage in comparison to the premium Japanese brand tyres they previously used. These cheaper Longmarch tyres saved the client 30% on their cost per kilometre and operating cost. Downtime was reduced by the mobile fitment service. Tyre maintenance has improved thanks to the training program and regular driver workshops.