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Personalised tyre solutions for your fleet

We’re proud of our tyres. And we want your fleet to realise the benefits of our tyres. The tyre market can be confusing. The Longmarch support team provides personalised advice, helping you select the tyre that best suits the needs of your fleet.
Every fleet is different and every fleet owner faces their own set of challenges. Rather than prescribe standardised packages we tailor tyre solutions to meet specific needs. We know it can be complicated. Which is why we offer this kind of dedicated support.

Man insects the quality of a Longmarch tyre

Support in Choosing the Best Tyres for the Job

Choosing tyres can be confusing, especially when they can make such an impact on your bottom line.

Our support team provides personalised advice, guiding you through all the options, helping you select tyres that are best suited to the needs of your fleet.

By providing technical input the support team can assist in:

  • Selecting the best tyres for the job
  • Building a package of tyres that meets the needs of your entire fleet
  • Improving your cost per kilometre
  • Reducing your spend on tyres
  • Enhancing the lifespan of your tyres
  • Creating customised solutions for projects and fleets of all sizes
Coordinating with tyre fleet customers

Technical Input To Get the Most From Your Tyres and Fleet

We find that many fleet managers are unaware of the savings that can be realised through tyre management. We’ve developed a fleet management guide to get you started. But it’s often best to get advice that’s tailored to your vehicle and situation.

Your unique requirements and challenges are always our starting point. From these we design packages that provide the best long-term performance and economy. Tyre choice has a huge impact on your fleet’s bottom line and subtle changes can deliver huge savings.

Speaking with customers and following our tyres is also an important part of the engineering process. We’re always collecting feedback so we can improve the tyres further: hearing your views and responding to any complaints is another essential aspect of making Longmarch the region’s leading TBR tyres.

Tyre controller app for fleet management of tyres

Manage Your Tyres With Tyre Controller

Managing tyres has been made easier. After seeing so many fleet managers struggling to control their tyres, we decided to do something about it. Welcome to Tyre Controller. This technological all in one solution helps you track all your tyres.

Tyre Controller manages your tyre inventory. It simplifies the purchasing process, so with a click of a button you have all the available tyres that could be used in your fleet.

Tyre Controller keeps a history of all your tyre services in one place. This means you can check and track expenses incurred on all tyre related services.

Through proprietary technology, Tyre Controller also tracks the cost per kilometre performance of all your tyres. This can be used to forecast their long-term usage and save money in tyre related expenses.

Working on a Longmarch tyre

Specialised Tyres for Middle Eastern Fleets

Longmarch is unique in providing a sophisticated commercial solution that’s tailored to Middle Eastern fleets. We operate with a dedicated geographical focus and know how local conditions impact fleet management. At all times we look to maximise a fleet’s long-term economy, through cost-efficient tyres with longer life and enhanced long-term performance.

Our tyres are engineered and tested for the region – you’re not paying extra for snow and ice capabilities but benefit from our All-Steel strength and desert durability. And you’re not paying any extra for our expertise. We’ll show you trusted solutions, offering a variety of options and alternatives.

Longmarch work with fleets of all shapes and sizes. Contact us to start the conversation. Our experienced staff will discuss your detailed requirements and build a personalised solution.