Support & Warranty

Personalised support for fleet owners and commercial clients

At Longmarch we tailor tyres to unique demands. That’s why all the tyres we sell in the Middle East are engineered and tested for the region. We’re proud of our tyres and we understand the importance of finding the best tyres for every job.
We also understand that every fleet owner faces their own challenges. Longmarch flips the traditional model of providing commercial tyres. Rather than promoting standardised packages we tailor a solution for every individual client, starting from your unique demands and requirements.

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Post-Purchase Support for Fleet Managers

The Longmarch support team provides basic and technical advice about all aspects of your tyre, ensuring you can get maximum value for your purchase.

This support is offered before, during and after purchase. Our team will answer all your questions, considering the individualised needs of your fleet. Small changes can deliver large long-term savings, so the support team will work tirelessly in finding a solution that’s best suited to you.

At Longmarch we have two priorities. We handcraft solutions that are cost efficient and complementary to the needs of your fleet. We also want to ensure your vehicles stay on the road so we a mobile service that takes the hassle out of tyre management.

Thousands of tyres are in stock for immediate supply and delivery. A mobile tyre fitment service also provides balancing and alignment on site. Regular performance evaluation improves cost efficiency and tyre life. And a dedicated after sales service maintains the personalised solution for years to come.

We provide this level of service to commercial clients of all sizes. Contact us start the conversation. Our experienced staff will discuss your detailed requirements and build a personalised solution.

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An Industry-Leading Warranty

We’re proud of our tyres. We want you to feel confident when making a purchase. Ultimately, we want you to get the most from your fleet.

All Longmarch tyres sold in the Middle East are covered under an industry-leading one year warranty. This covers the tyres against any workmanship and manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.

Remember, you can contact the Longmarch support team six days a week. Unlike most warranties, you’re guaranteed somebody to talk to regarding your claim. A Longmarch representative will provide assistance and be on hand whenever required.

The tyres have been tested for Middle Eastern conditions and we can be confident that they will provide long-term economy and efficiency for your fleet.

Give our support team a call and we’ll discuss the best options for you.

Contact our support team:

Toll Free: 800-52772
Standard: +971-4-2249353
Open 8:30am – 6:15pm, Saturday – Thursday
Contact Longmarch support by email

Register your tyre

If you have purchased tyres from Longmarch, you can register your products with us for eligibility of your warranty.
Register your tyre.

Eligibility and Fine Print of the Longmarch Warranty Offer

This document contains the full wording of the Longmarch warranty policy.

The following bullet points provide a simplified overview of the policy.

  • Longmarch tyres are covered under a limited warranty for 12 months against all manufacturing and workmanship defects.
  • The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date you purchased a Longmarch tyre.
  • The tyre is under warranty when it has been subject to normal usage and conditions. The remaining tread depth must be above the Tread Wear Indicator Level(TWI) which is the normally equal to minimum legal limit of – 1.6mm.
  • Please make note of the standard exclusions that apply to tyre warranties.
  • Eligible tyres will be replaced by a new comparable Longmarch tyre with its price reduced on a pro-rata basis dependent on the use of the tyre.

Please note that the warranty covers manufacturing and workmanship defects. It does not cover your tyre against aggressive or irregular use, nor against accidental damage or operational abuse. If you use your tyres incorrectly then the warranty will not be valid. That’s another reason why our support team provides personalised advice, helping Longmarch customers get it right.

For full details of the exclusions please refer to the warranty policy or contact the support team.