Track your tyres with Tyre Controller app

Make your life as a fleet manager easier

Managing tyres has been made simple by the Tyre Controller App. This is your single solution to tracking every tyre in your fleet. It improves cost per kilometre performance and forecasts long-term usage and expenses. 

This article guides you through the Tyre Controller App and how it makes your life as a fleet manager easier.

The Challenge to Overcome

Fleet managers have an almost impossible job. They must deliver a world class service, ensuring everything and everyone get to where they need to be, on time. Yet fleet managers have to work with information that is scattered across spreadsheets, files, vehicles and internal systems. None of this information connects, leaving you with thousands of tyres and no clear way to track safety of performance. This is where proprietary technology comes in.

The Tyre Controller App Simplifies Everything

Tyre Controller brings seamlessness to the backend of fleet tyre management. This end to end system synchronises every necessary detail, joining all the dots of your existing systems. Fleet managers don’t need anything else because everything is tracked within the app. Say goodbye to email chains, paperwork and out of date excel sheets. Say hello to a single system.

Tyre Inventory Management

At its basics the app ensures clear management of your tyre inventory. You can track every tyre in the fleet, knowing its age, approximate kilometres, and the vehicles it has been used on. With a single glance you can compare cost per kilometre and see where you’re getting most value.

Scheduling Maintenance and Replacements

It’s hard enough keeping track of how many tyres you have, never mind when they need maintenance or replacing. The Tyre Controller app does this for you, including scheduling all the necessary replacements and re-treading. It’s still important for drivers to do their daily checks and report any inconsistencies. Through the app you have a complete overview at a click of a button, including all the tyres that are out on the road.

Checking and Tracking Tyre Expenses

All the financial information is kept in one place. Through the app you can check and track how much tyres are costing your fleet. All purchasing and maintenance costs are stored in one place. It’s easy to make informed decisions as historical expense data shows the value of each tyre. 

Reducing Cost Per Kilometre and Forecasting Long-term Expenditure

Tyre Controller forecasts the long-term usage of every tyre in your fleet. It predicts how much you will spend over tyre lifespan and helps you make changes to reduce the cost per kilometre. The app saves you money as you reduce tyre related expenses. Tracking tyre performance is made simple, allowing you to focus on the little details. 

For example, one set of tyres may be running at just 0.01 AED more per kilometre than another set. Multiply this over thousands of kilometres and there’s a big impact on your bottom line. This disparity provides an alert to something that may be wrong, so you can investigate and make changes. Importantly, you no longer need to inspect every tyre but can target those that offering poor value. 

Simplified Purchasing Process

When a tyre needs replacing it can be purchased directly in the app. With a click of a button you get all the available tyres that could be used. For example, when a set of steer tyres are on their way out, Tyre Controller shows you steer tyre replacements. It’s easy to compare all the tyres that can be used in your fleet, as well as compare these against existing tyres.

Tyre Controller is Completely Free to Use

Here is the best part. Tyre Controller is completely free. Yes, no fees, no charges, no hidden extras. 

Head over to the Tyre controller app website and sign up for free.