Tanker and Liquid Transportation

Tyre application: Long haul and highway running


A GCC leader in fuel and liquid transportation, our client transports petroleum products across the wider GCC region as well as between cities. They use 6×4 units connected to tanker trailers or curtain trailers.

Industry Demands

Petroleum industry demands tyres that guarantee safety. As with all long haul operations, improving cost per kilometre is a key objective.


Petroleum liquids are one of the most critical goods in the transportation industry. Cost per kilometre was a major challenge as the fleet required an enormous number of tyres. The client was only using premium Japanese brand tyres and reported spiralling operational costs. Long haul international operations had also led to extended vehicle downtime due to tyre failure outside the UAE.


A detailed technical analysis led the Longmarch team to recommending a selection of tyres for specific axles, in order to meet the high long haul demands. The suggested patterns were LM216 for steer, LM302 for drive and LM201 for trailer, thanks to their proven industry record and international certification.


With Longmarch the client achieved a cost per kilometre and operational cost that was comparable to the premium Japanese brand tyres previously being used. Safety and performance was not compromised. After a trial period the client switched all their fleet’s tyres to Longmarch All-Steel tyres.