Passenger Transport

Tyre application: City roads


Our client is one of the largest passenger transport companies in the UAE. They provide transportation services for schools and companies, with a city pick up and drop off service. The buses run on city roads, frequently turning and braking. Downtime is not acceptable as neither students nor company employees can afford delay.

Industry Demands

Safety and reliability are essential in the passenger transport industry. Reducing cost per kilometre leads to increased profitability.


The client had previously fitted budget brand Chinese tyres. However, frequent turning and braking created numerous problems with the tyres. Drivers were complaining of steering wobble and inconsistent wear. Breakdowns due to tyres are unacceptable so the client moved to premium Japanese tyres. However, the lack of reliable service partners for these tyres cased fitment delay and a lack of coordination over fleet tyre. No performance monitoring was in use.


After their detailed analysis, the technical team recommended a suite of tyres to be used on the client’s fleet of different sized buses. These were LM166, LM216 and LM115. Longmarch also provided a mobile fitment service through fitment partners across the UAE, ensuring on time fitment and tyre related services. Longmarch All-Steel tyres are specifically formulated for Middle Eastern road conditions which gave the client confidence in their safety and suitability.


Longmarch All-Steel tyres have increased mileage and overall fleet performance. Downtime due to tyre failure has been reduced remarkably. The client reported a 30% reduction in operation and running costs, mostly due to the better overall cost per kilometre. The fitment and tyre tracking system has reduced the time the client previously spent on tyre related coordination.