Industrial Gas Transportation

Tyre application: City roads


Our client is one of the major transporters of industrial gases in the GCC. These gases are mostly transported on city roads and highways. Vehicle downtime has a major impact on profitability and the extremely critical operations mean a premium on safety. Before contacting Longmarch, this client was using premium Japanese and Korean brand tyres.

Industry Demands

Safety and performance are paramount in the gas transportation sector. Traceability means these factors can be measured in relation to cost reduction.


Premium tyres come with a premium price tag and this was impacting the client’s bottom line. Our client wanted to reduce their operational costs and tyre expenses, without compromising on safety and performance. Their premium tyres had an average life span of nine months, however, they had been unable to fully track tyre performance due to a lack of traceability.


After a full analysis our technical team suggested LM216 for steering, LM128 for trailers and LM268 for tankers. Our client considered any move to new tyres a major risk due to the need for safety. Longmarch initially fitted tyres on the steer axle. These performed exceptionally well and were still in use one year later. The client then swapped all their fleet tyres to Longmarch and implemented a performance tracking system.


The chosen tyres proved ideal for city road and highway use. The tracking system enabled effective tyre management, leading to correct tyre rotating and inspection, along with reduced breakdowns and expense. Longmarch reduced the client’s annual tyre expenses by more than 50% without compromising on safety and performance. The tracking system allowed an end to end track record of every single tyre.