Container Handling & Logistics

Tyre application: Long haul


Our client is a GCC industry leader in container handling and logistics. Their fleet handles containers from ports to inland depots, as well as from depots to customer locations. The trucks are always running on highway or paved roads and are never overloaded. The fleet was using a mix of European and budget Chinese brand tyres, and were regularly receiving fines from the authorities due to tyre damage and defects.

Industry Demands

Small percentages make a big difference in the container handling and logistics industry. Tyre solutions need to ensure performance monitoring, on time service, a single point solution and damage resistance. All this impacts the cost per kilometre.


Working in the container handling and logistics industry demands consistency and efficiency. Downtime or breakdowns have an enormous impact on bottom line profit. Any truck laying idle due to tyre changes reduces the profit margin, especially when the company is unable to fill orders. The client was searching for a premium product that could deliver consistency and quality at an economical price.


After their detailed analysis the technical team recommended a selection of tyres that would complement each other. Pure steer tyre LM216 was fitted to front axles. LM302 and the block pattern LM328 were used as drive tyres, while LM128 was fitted on trailer axles. Training on tyre pressure and rotation was provided, with tyre checking and alignment provided as needed.


The specially designed patterns improved tyre mileage by 25% and this was analysed by implementing an end to end tracking mechanism. Stock availability was ensured via the tracking system, thereby avoiding any fitment delays. The Longmarch All-Steel design enhanced tyre rigidity and stability versus semi-steel budget tyres, as well as reducing sidewall damage. Operation costs and CPK were reduced and improved the bottom line.