Construction and Earthmoving Industry

Tyre application: On and off-road. Heavy duty.


Our client has a fleet of heavy-duty tipper trailers with three axles. These are predominantly used to carry stones from quarries to a cement factory. Loaded vehicle weight exceeds 100 tonnes and the T3 axle tyres are often overloaded by over 50%. The fleet spends 30% off road in quarry areas. The trailers run empty for half the time.

Industry Demands

Tyres for the mining and earthmoving industry need to be incredibly strong and durable, while still delivering cost per kilometre.


This fleet was operating in extreme conditions and heavy-duty use was placing enormous demands on the tyres. The client reported tyre issues such as tread separation, shoulder separation and sidewall bulging. On closer inspection we found significant stone drilling and tread damage due to the off road driving. Very low mileage with severely overloaded conditions was the main challenge.


After a full analysis the technical team recommended the LM256 Longmarch tyre with optimised block design. This tyre provides on and off road traction and has a special cut-chip resistant compound. The higher tread volume suited the mileage and overloading. The technical team also provides free training for the client’s tyre fitters, including proper mounting and demounting. The client’s team was trained in tyre rotation, wear and tear trends, and wheel hub checking.


The client had tested over 50 different tyre brands and reported that LM256 provided a 15% better cost per kilometre. The tyres have also reduced premature failure and vehicle downtime, which has improved the bottom line.